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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Backstreet Rookie - 편의점 샛별이 - 便利店新星

Normally I don't watch Korean drama, but I'll watch drama that has Ji Chang Wook (池昌旭) in it.

However I still think he plays better in K2 or Healer in more of an action role.

Having said that, I really did enjoy watching Empress Qi. That was the last time I would watch a drama that has 50 episodes as I cannot control myself. :D

Backstreet Rookie is the latest Korean drama that has Ji Chang Wook as the main actor. Totaling 16 episodes and all finished airing as of Aug 8th, 2020.

It's a romantic comedy type of story and was converted from comic into live drama. The main actress can really fight and she would help the weak and disadvantaged. She purposely applied to be a 24-hour convenience store clerk to get close to the main actor as she had a crush on him many years ago.

The rest of the story you'll have to find out for yourself. Happy watching!

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