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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

警視廳搜查一課9係 Keishicho Sosa Ikka

Another 5 years went by without any posts.  Never knew time can fly by so fast.

Keishicho Sosa Ikka - Police major crime unit, 9th division.  This year it's 11th season, I didn't watch from the beginning so don't really know the importance of 9th division.  I do know that this small team works well together an they can split the jobs and resolve the crimes with a lot of accuracy.

I started watching from season 8 and I really liked the dynamics of the team.  Even though they like to poke fun or even taunt each other, they are still very good friends deep down and enjoy each other's company.

I find it funny that the leader position of the group is not the one who assigns investigation tasks to the team members.

At the end of each case, it always seem that the leader found something that will shed light on the case.

The episodes are subbed with Chinese so if you don't know Chinese nor Japanese then you'll need to find other sources to watch.

Enjoy 警視廳搜查一課9係


Oliver Richmond said...

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mayoni said...

I don't watch any Korean dramas either, the plot angers me most of the time as it doesn't really make sense. Japanese drama on the other hand are mostly well done. The series are usually 5 to 10 episodes long so it doesn't drag on unnecessarily. Most of the time Japanese drama makes you think about society issues. Even though I said Asian drama on the title, I really just watch Japanese ones and occasionally Chinese dramas.

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