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Sunday, September 18, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 4

Plot is revealed in this post.

Shinichi was invited by Lan's father to a wedding party.  Restaurant owner is the groom to be but cheated on his fiancee and got the mistress pregnant.  Lan's father wanted the newly wed to kiss.  As the party goes on, the mistress who is the friend of the newly weds dies.  Turns out the mistress has allergy to

名侦探柯南真人版 - Famous Detective Conan

Shinichi, Lan and her father was trapped in a cell.  Some fan of Shinichi wanted to test out his memory and see if he can remember his cases from the year before and solve the word puzzle on the computer screen to escape.  When they open one door, they just go into another room, and more stories unfold.
Case 1. A girl who liked photography is killed in her apartment
Case 2. A telepathic

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