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Friday, December 23, 2011

家政妇三田 - Ga Sei Fu Mita San - 冷血保姆

Matsushima Nanako has done it again.  Ga Sei Fu Mita San's last episode just aired on Dec 21, 2011.  Ratings hit through the roof.  Nanako played a house maid who never smiles for personal reasons.  All four kids of the household kept on wanting to make her smile but failed miserably.  Kids lost their mother due to drowning, Mita San has helped them a lot in the home so they can get back on their feet.  Little did they know their father was cheating on their dead mother and that's why their mother committed suicide.  Mita San will do anything for the family including killing someone for them.  Mita San thinks by following orders, she will meet her dead son and husband in heaven sooner.  Her story was quite interesting, but I'm not going to give it away.  

Go here to see the ending episode 11.  Audio is in Japanese, subtitled in Japanese and Chinese.

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