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Thursday, October 13, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 9

Lan saw this soccer ball in the next room and she got excited.  Shinichi right away noticed the ticking sound coming from the ball.  It's a bomb!

Last case related to a soccer ball was when they met with another famous detective from the other high school in Osaka.  His name is Heji.  Heji is actually the son of a police, so when Shinichi met him, he didn't want Heji to know his name and want to see how Heji solves the case.
Heji was chasing down a rubber on a bicycle and when he reached residential area, he passed by Shinichi.  Shinichi kicked his soccer ball towards the rubber and stopped him, but the ball flew up and landed on someone's window.  There were loud music emanating from the house and then shortly afterwards there was a woman's scream, then the music stopped.  Shinichi and Heji tried to climb over the fence when the wife came back home.  The husband took a long time to open the door and then they found his assistant dead on the couch with glass sticking out of her neck.
Heji revealed to the police he is a detective, but got bad response until they know he is the son of a police chief.  The house owner who is a music composer was suspected of the murder since he was the only person with his assistant, but both Shinichi and Heji don't believe it.  The soccer ball that Shinichi kicked into the house wasn't strong enough to reach the picture frame on the wall to break it, so why did the glass break and killed the assistant?  The composer took a long time to open the door because he wanted to dress up the assistant so that people won't know they were having an affair.
Shinichi wanted to talk to the wife privately and he saw there was a receipt for repairing a glass frame and saw there was another wall in the house that has a mount but no picture.  Shinichi then deduced that the picture in the shop and the picture supposed to be in the corridor was a set.  It completed the sentence, "No wife, no life"

The wife was jealous and mad at her husband for cheating on her.  She gave her life to him and helped him make a lot of songs.  She thought of herself as his muse.  Now he has another assistant and had affair, she really couldn't forgive them.  Her intention was to use high frequency to break the glass and kill them both, but because her husband stood up to check Shinichi's soccer ball, that action saved his life.  The wife was testing her theory on one of the picture frame that's why it was at the repair shop.
Heji asked when Shinichi suspected the wife.  Shinichi noticed the wife commented on maybe both people are injured badly and cannot open the door when they were trying to break down the door to the house.

Lan realized the code to stop the bomb was "attachment"  The door opens and when Shinichi was leading the way, the handcuffs broke and Lan stayed in the previous room while Shinichi went to the next room.
Stayed tuned for the next episode.

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MrProfGenius said...

This is first time i know about "Detective Conan" in real live, looks interesting. Usually i only know in Anime or Manga version. If i have a time i want to watch it too. Thanks for review~

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