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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Real life drama

To warn single women not to just jump into marriage.  This is a real story.  It's too much of a drama and the participants are Asians.  The names are made up to protect the identity of the characters.

A woman named Charlene was introduced to a guy in Canada by her mom's friend.  They started writing to each other and became pen pals.  Later on they fell in love, so she travelled all the way from China to Canada to marry this guy Zach.

They had fierce fights
through out their marriage because they never really know each other's habits before getting married.  Charlene loved her husband so and think he is her world and everything.  They had a son and life seems to be getting better year after year as they grow to know each other.

5 years ago Charlene started to work so she can contribute to the family.  For the past year, Zach told her she can just keep on working and maybe he would quit his job and just take care of their son since his wrist hurts very bad from being a chef.  Charlene didn't understand why a guy would say that because she thinks a guy should be tough and be the main bread earner of the family.  She does understand Zach is in need of a break so she agrees that Zach should go back to China for 3 month to recuperate.

Charlene didn't go to China with Zach because their son was still in the school year.  After Zach went to China, Charlene would call Zach but Zach would pick fights with her for no apparent reason.  After 3 months Zach said he wanted to stay for another month.  Charlene gave him an ultimatum after the 4th month saying if Zach wouldn't come back to Canada to take care of his responsibility as a father then she would have no choice but to divorce him. 

Zach was mad at Charlene saying she doesn't appreciate all the years that he was working and supporting the family.  Charlene complained her job was quite physical and her wrist also hurts from doing massage on her clients, but bills have to be paid so she continues to work otherwise she would need a vacation too.  But Zach doesn't care about work, he just wanted to be divorced and split the money so he can open up a restaurant.

Charlene thought Zach is really stupid.  Why would he throw away his family just because he wants a vacation and open up a restaurant.  If that's his wish, they could of worked towards the dream together.  Charlene finally gave up after all these years.  She decided she will let Zach go.  If he doesn't want to stay, there is no way that begging would help.

After the divorce, they truth came to light.  Zach was in contact with a woman for 2 years.  When he went to China for a vacation, the girl wanted him to get a divorce so he did.  She can provide the funds for him to open up a restaurant right away instead of him working hard.  Zach would lie to his new fiancee that he was never in love with his ex-wife, they only married so she can get Canadian citizenship.  He also said that they've being seperated for 3 years at least.

When Charlene told me the story, I was in shock, but I had nothing else to say.  She just have to put her tears away, continue to do what she's doing.  Maybe she's find someone who can appreciate her and protect her.  For now her son doesn't want her to get a boyfriend, so she'll just concentrate on being a good mother at this time.

For all the single women.  Marriage doesn't mean happiness.  Single doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.  You need to find a way to be happy with yourself first.


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