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Monday, September 26, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 8

This time the room is filled with charge and will electric shock them in increasing amount of voltage.  Last case Shinichi encountered voltage shock was when his girlfriend got her bump touched by a pervert on the bus.

As they chase down the pervert through town,  they finally surrounded the guy and then
Lan gave the pervert a good kicking.

They saw police car and ambulance pulled up to an apartment.  An elderly woman was cut off from life suport because the power went out and the backup battery was being fixed.  Shinichi saw the breaker was tripped.  The nurse said the power went out once before as well.  Police suspected the nurse because he went out to the grocery store leaving the patient unattended.  Shinichi noticed there was a surveillance camera on the balcony with broken wire and he also noticed that the cloth hanger clip was black.  The daughter of the patient came back and was immediately aware of her mother's situation even though no one told her yet.  Camera was shorted in a rainy day 6 months ago and thus turned off the life support.  While questioning the pervert, Shinichi noticed that the pervert had something in his pocket.  When he took it out, it was a black underwear.  The pervert stole the black underwear from the same apartment with the patient.  The pervert stole from the same place before and the daughter of the patient know he only steals black underwear.

Then the fateful rainy came.  A evil thought came across the daughter's mind.  If the same thing happen next time and no one is around to save her mother, then maybe her mother will die and release her from having to take care of her mother.  So she split the camera wire and put it on the cloth hanger clip and have the black underwear separating the clips.  She also connect the wire to black thread and tied it to the clip, so if anyone take down the underwear, it'll also pull the thread and then the wire would be pulled away from the clips and then it won't look like a setup.

Since she knows the pervert will only take the black underwear, there is a high chance that it'll happen again and she can blame the pervert for her mom's death.  Shinichi at first didn't want to tell the police what he knew until he knows the patient's current health condition.  The daughter want to turn herself in for attempted murder, but her mother somehow miraculously can breath on her own again after the emergency resuscitation.  In the end, only the pervert got charged.

Shinichi and Lan opened the door and found themselves in another room with a soccer ball bomb.

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