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Monday, September 26, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 7

The room started to fill with a big balloon until there is no room.  Time for the next puzzle.

His next case was to find out where 2 rich girls were kidnapped to.  Shinichi's girlfriend's friend is one of them.  The other one is noodle king's oldest daughter.

The younger daughter had a fight
with her sister in front of the camera during the funeral.  Then the older sister disappeared along with Lan's classmate.
There was a ransom note to give diamonds to the kidnapper.  The kidnapper wants the diamond to be in a case and attached to the balloon that's on the top of the building and raised in the air.  Kidnapper called to say he took the diamonds.  When they let the balloon down, the diamond case was empty.

There was a note in the case saying that the victim will be given back to them and told them to go to the bench in the park.  Younger sister sounded surprised, but she didn't go to the park with the search party.  Search party couldn't find the kidnapped, but found another note saying to look in the storage room in the basement.  They checked the storage room at the factory and found the missing 2 people.  Just then, police found the younger sister dead on the roof.  Shinichi thought it was weird that the kidnapper got the diamond, but still killed the younger sister.

So by deduction, this killing is personal.  The older sister doesn't like the younger sister since she's smarter, born from her dad's mistress and got more money from the will.  At first the younger sister thought about the idea to dodge the inheritance tax so she teamed up with the older sister to conduct the fake kidnapping and switch the diamond ransom case to case with dry ice in the process when she pretended to fall beside the fire extinguisher compartment.

Older sister untie herself, left a dummy on the floor and then went up to the roof to kill her younger sister, then went back down to the basement and tie herself up again.  Shinichi was smart enough to notice the lights went out twice by the narrative of the other kidnapped girl.  The older sister killed the younger one out of jealousy and greed.  She got caught because she ripped her sister's pearl necklace and one went into her pants' fold.  Shinichi noticed the man servant took something from the ground beside the kidnapped sister while untying her.

Shinichi and Lan went to another room, this time there is electricity shocking them.

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