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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 6

Warning!!! Plot is revealed below.

Lan got shot by a dart with poison, within 5 mintues Shinichi has to think of the solution of his last case dealing with math.

Companionship service girls were fighting over a rich math professor.  They were play a game, 2 guys have to compete who gets the top girl at the position of #20 while only choosing up to
3 girls at one time.

The girls all have a wine bottle and they have to pour the wine into the guy's big glass when they are picked.  The winner will have to reach girl #16 as the last choice to win the game.  Murderess put poison in the wine cup of girl #16 so when the wine gets poured it into the winning guy's cup and then later on drank by the last girl who she wants to murder.  Lan's father didn't win of course.  Lan was asked by her mother to keep tap on her father's actions.  Shinichi found the link between the murderess and the professor.

The top girl got killed because another girl in love with the math professor overheard the conversion between top girl and her boyfriend wanting to extract money from the professor and play him for a fool.  The murderess utilized the math skill she learned from the professor and showed off in the math game.

Shinichi was able to solve the puzzle and open the door in time, Lan's father got the antidote from the other room and throw it back to Shinichi.  Lan woke up but now they're seperated from Lan's father.

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