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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

名侦探柯南 - Famous Detective Conan - Case 5

Warning! Story line revealed.

Lan was invited to be in a small segment of a director's new movie.  Turned out only Shinichi was used as the male character.  Lan was jealous when Shinichi was supposed to kiss the girl.  Director told Lan and Shinichi to kiss, but they wouldn't, so the director kissed the actress himself with strong passion.  Director's wife walked in and slaps the mistress on the face.  The director wants
to have his women get along.

They all sat down to have afternoon tea.  Director's wife put a sugar cube in his cup then had a sip herself then gave it back to her husband.  Famous director suddenly dropped dead foaming at the mouth.  It was cyanide.  Everyone thought for sure it was the wife who killed the director, but she fainted when he died.  When the wife woke up, she pretended she forgot everything happened and forgot who she was.  Director's mistress took out a magazine having the picture of the wife and another young man.  The post said that they were dating and then the young man killed himself.  Sharp eye Shinichi saw the bracelet on the young man was the same as the maid.  Shinichi figured out the maid put cyanide on one edge of every cup.  Since director is the only left hanged person, the cyanide only kills him.

The maid was that young man's girlfriend and wanted to frame the wife for killing her husband.  The director's wife dumped her boyfriend without introducing him to the movie world and caused him to commit suicide.  

What she should of killed was the wife, because the wife just uses people and throw them away.  Director's wife wanted her husband dead anyways, the maid just made it happen for her.

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