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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Autumn's Concerto / 下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu

Autumn's Concerto is the first drama Vanness Wu played the main character.  I think Vanness really had a break through in acting.  He is not the best looking guy, but he has this charm which makes him really sexy and attractive.  At first the drama seemed kind of slow so I wasn't really paying attention.  Half way through the drama, the time line fast forwarded to 6 years after, that's when things get interesting. Ren Guang Xi(任光晞), played by Vanness, who became a good lawyer after his brain surgery, came in contact with a girl who he thought he never knew but was actually someone he loved the most.  Will he choose his fiancee
or will he choose Liang Mu Cheng (梁慕橙) who his mother forcefully separated from him after his memory loss. Main actress Ady An was very good in her roll.  She puts on no makeup except eye liner and mascara.  She truly is a natural beauty.  Director Chen Hui Ling was surprised that Vanness didn't know how to read Chinese.  After some brain storming, Vanness was given a MP3 device with the drama script recorded and dramatized by the director so he can memorize his lines and was able to continue shooting the drama.  The end result was an amazing drama.  I highly recommend this.  The soundtracks were superb as well. Della Ding(丁噹) sang a lot of the songs.  The ones I liked the most are: I love him (我愛他), why did you lie (你為什麼說謊), All of a Sudden Want to Love You (突然想愛你)
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