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Friday, November 13, 2009

Otomen is really dreamy

* Courtesy of Drama Wiki*

It's another Japanese school drama, turned from the comic books. I just love the Japanese anime, the actors are very attractive and easy on the eyes. I wish there are more episodes, but oh well. I've linked the episodes for streaming. It has Chinese subtitle and original voice.

A little bit of my thought:
I don't know what's the big deal for a man to like cooking, baking, sewing and still be good at the man stuff like being a great swordsman. This drama does have a lot of funny moments.

Otomen episode 1

Theme song: Lover Soul by Shibasaki Kou
Torrent Download

Ending Theme on Youtube

Main Characters:

Okada Masaki as Masamune Asuka
Takatsuki Sara as young Asuka
Kaho as Miyakozuka Ryo
Hinata Nanami as young Ryo

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