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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Liar Game Season 2: Episode 1

Chinese name: 诈欺游戏2
English Name: Liar Game Season 2
Japanese Name: ライアーゲーム

The Main Cast:
Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi
Kikuchi Rinko as Katsuragi Ryo
Suzuki Kosuke as Fukunaga Yuji

Stream Episode 1A 1B Chinese subtitle, Japanese vocal.
Torrent download video subtitled in English

My thoughts on the story:
This started kind of boring in the first part because it was reviewing the 1st season, but when the game starts, it gets you to think how the game would work and how you can trick people into giving you money. If you like more of an intelligent drama, this is not a bad choice. The game starts with 24 Rensou Russian Roulette. To pull the trigger or not to pull the trigger? Kanzaki Nao think that they might be tricked by the game team even though they seemed to be winning this round. Kanzaki seems kinda slow at times, but maybe she sees things other people don't see. I haven't watched season1 so I don't know what she did to help in the last season. I'm excited about the next episode.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Otomen is really dreamy

* Courtesy of Drama Wiki*

It's another Japanese school drama, turned from the comic books. I just love the Japanese anime, the actors are very attractive and easy on the eyes. I wish there are more episodes, but oh well. I've linked the episodes for streaming. It has Chinese subtitle and original voice.

A little bit of my thought:
I don't know what's the big deal for a man to like cooking, baking, sewing and still be good at the man stuff like being a great swordsman. This drama does have a lot of funny moments.

Otomen episode 1

Theme song: Lover Soul by Shibasaki Kou
Torrent Download

Ending Theme on Youtube

Main Characters:

Okada Masaki as Masamune Asuka
Takatsuki Sara as young Asuka
Kaho as Miyakozuka Ryo
Hinata Nanami as young Ryo

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