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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Black and White - Taiwanese Drama - 痞子英雄 - Pi Zi Ying Xiong

(picture: courtesy of Ethidda)

Nice new drama from Taiwan. This is similar to CSI, but I would it's a lot more fun. The opening and ending songs are really good. Definitely worth checking it out.

Main Characters:
Vic Zhou as Chen Zai Tian 陳在天 / Pi Zi 痞子
Mark Chao as Wu Ying Xiong 吳英雄
Janine Chang as Lan Xi Ying 藍西英
Ivy Chen as Chen Lin 陳琳

Drama starts with a cop thinking he's on the good side and he's totally "pure" and just in whatever he was doing. Later on he found out he's capable of evil as well. On the other hand, the partner cop always trying to get through life the easy way and have fun and is always sitting on the fence. But he might turn out to be the good guy in the end. The main actors really fit the role they play. Click on the link below to download the drama and English subs.

Download drama page

Download OST - torrent link
  • Opening theme song: Wu Lai Ying Xiong (無賴英雄) by CoLor and Mark Chao
  • Ending theme song: Perfect Stranger by Jason Zou

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