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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 14-Mother's Lullaby

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At first I thought Alto is going to be sucked into the void, but he didn't. Gallia 4 is missing more than a quarter of it's mass.

Bobby likes Ozma and tries to give advise to Ozma, but Ozma gets the creeps from him. Ozma didn't really want to hear the comments Bobby gave about man and woman.

Monica likes the captain but the captain doesn't even know it and commented she'll make a good wife.

Macross Quarter in action. I'm sure they re-used some scenes.

Alto is so slow, finally ready to fold back to help Frontier.

Michele got hurt folding back to Frontier.

Sheryl thought she could pilot a plane and not get shot down, but once she fly out, the plane got shut down and she had to eject out of the plane.

Main mothership of Vajra folded behind the Frontier fleet for a surprise attack. Some people got sucked out into space.

Alto requested permission to have heavy weaponry to rescue Ranka. Nice look plane.

Brera always have to get in the way of Alto. He doesn't think Alto is good enough for Ranka.

Alto killed queen Vajra and almost killed himself too.

Still don't know what Grace is up to, but seems like she's getting a new body. She's guessing Ranka is the little queen.

Ranka crying over the annihilation of the Vajra. Brera can't understand why.

Macross Frontier-Episode 13-Memory of Global

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Story continued from last episode.

Ranka remembered Vajra destroyed something from her memory, but she still can't grasp what exactly is in her past.

Sheryl is still sick and doesn't want to take the pill Grace offered.

The pill dropped when the power went out. No wonder Sheryl was sick, Grace was drugging her.

Alto and Ranka got scared by this little creature, but it's so "kawai".

Something got into her pants. I don't understand why she called Alto idiot though. Can't girls just say what's on their mind?

Something big took Ranka to the macross, that's a huge dent.

Young Ranka's pictures with her family. It just disintegrates after Alto touched it.

Ranka woke up seeing a lot of Vajra eggs. I like the globe transmitter.

Grace turning on the Dimensional Eater. Apparently she hates Sheryl and Zentradi and want them to die.

All the Vajra ships are folding. Michele and Sheryle followed them.

Alto didn't go through the fold. I wonder if Alto will be out of danger? We'll know soon enough.

Batman-Gotham Knight-Deadshot

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This is the last story (6) of the movie. For previous stories, please see my previous posts.

This Batman looks more like the batman I knew before.

A good shot by the Deadshot.

Batman trying to protect Lt. Gordon from being assassinated by Deadshot.

Bullet was deflected by Batman. Deadshot really tried to shoot someone from a 60 mile/hour train. Cocky bastard.

So that's how he can do such a good job at aiming his victims.

Batman ran toward Deadshot and cut his weapon in half.

Deadshot is absolutely useless without his guns. He just blame it all on the Russians.

Batman-Gotham Knight-Working Through Pain

This is story 5. For previous stories, please see my previous posts.

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This Bruce looks very pale, but he's not as boyish as the 3rd story drawing. This one looks darker inside and that's how it should be since he lost his parents and all.

Cassandra taught Bruce everything he needed to know on pain management.

Bruce fighting the boys off when they wanted to pick fight with Cassandra. But she didn't want his help and sent Bruce away for good.

The flashback ended when Alfred showed up to save Batman from the sewer and his gunshot wound.

So Batman does have a purpose..... finding guns in the sewer.

Batman-Gotham Knight-In Darkness Dwells

This is the 4th story of the movie. To see previous stories, please look at my previous posts.
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Different source from my previous post.

This studio has more of a DC comic book drawing style. The night looks magnificent.

I like how detailed it is. The PDA words are very clear.

Batman and Lt. Gordon. Gordon actually trusts Batman to find out about Lizard man and Scare Crow.

Cops getting ready to help batman on the helicopter.

So the Lizard man is real. His momma didn't want him and dumped him to the sewers. Apparently he has a fear of bats. What a coincidence.

Scare Crow is disgusting under magnifying glass.

Close call. I love the reflection on the scythe. Batman saved the cardinal.

Batman didn't want to go on the helicopter. He just had to fly off the platform and exit in his own style.

Batman-Gotham Knight-Field Test

This is the 3rd part of the movie. For previous stories, please see my previous posts.

Mr. Wayne is such a young guy. I just can't picture Bruce like this, not with the voice. His face is just way too pale.

Mr. Pots? I don't remember this character, but I didn't really watch Batman when I was younger. He found out a electro-magnetic field that can deflect bullets by sound frequency.

This guy built a golf course for the homeless. He invited Bruce for a poker tournament, but Bruce said he had some business to attend to. When asked "Blond or Brunette", Wayne said half Russian and half Italian." It sounds kinky, but Bruce was really talking about the mobs.

Bullet deflector at work.

Batman set the Russians and the Italians back to their own turf before he brings them into prison later on.

One bullet deflected to a young Russian. "You broke him, you bought him" Batman eventually gave up the device so he won't accidentally kill other people.

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