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Friday, July 11, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 12-Fastest Delivery

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Zentradi waiting for Sheryl, but they really only want to fight.

An atmosphere on Gallia 4, which is what Alto want to fly in.

Such cute food. Ranka and Alto. Nana-chan really don't like Sheryl being with Alto all the time.

Sheryl fainting on the steps, then the rebels got the excuse to start fighting.

Ranka is very brave to sing in front of all the Zentradis. She's a very good performer, totally taking Sheryl's spotlight this time.

Zentradi are all pervs. Only the rebel leader doesn't get "tamed" as he puts it.

Alto really hates it when people say it's in his blood to act, so he really doesn't agree with this Zentradi that they're only made for fighting and nothing else.

Nice sky. Don't know what is Sheryl thinking of right now?

Something woke up in the water after Ranka sang. All electronic equipment shut down and they found the old Macross.

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