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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 12-Determination

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Kumohira lied about what? I totally missed that. Maybe Miharu was thinking Kumohira would show up to stop him?

Why did Kumohira tell her? Maybe he didn't feel like walking to the city again since Raimei is already there. Kumohira will wait until the end before making a decision to stop Miharu from using the Shinrabanshou or not.

Raimei just can't walk properly.

and she does not look where she's going.

When did they have a hand gesture? Didn't know they were that close.

What a weird meeting place? Can't Yoite find somewhere more spacious?

Sadistic, isn't he? He enjoy seeing people in agony. Is he really on the good side?

Yoite is so sad, he doesn't even taste the food anymore. He claims it's because of the Kira Kinjutsu, but maybe he's just having a fever.

Hattori was the one who saved Yoite, but from what? Interesting, more plot development.

Raikou looks so happy trying to drive.

But they went into the water instead. I thought a ninja would have better reflexes.

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