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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 9-Prelude

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The Wakachi taking care of Kairoushuu that commits treason. Raikou is the leader of Wakachi. Raikou enjoyed killing the thief and said something beautiful just happened, what a weirdo.

Rokujo and Kumohira goes home together on a bus. I was just wondering why Kumohira got on a bus, then he freaked out and turned blue in the face.

Raikou's apprentice was angry at Yoite and Yukimi getting the task of finding other Kinjutsus, but failed.

Yoite is definitely loosing his life force day by day. His hands are starting to rot away. He only has a few months left to live.

Raikou wanted to take care of the last member of Shimizu clan other than him.

Miharu demanded to know why Kumohira remembers what happened 10 years ago when the Shinrabanshou was used and not other people. Kumohira is definitely hiding something and promised that he would kill Miharu if he tries to use the Hitjutsu.

Yoite wasn't looking too good. He doesn't have much time left, maybe a few months. He just wanted to see Miharu.

But he passed out before getting to Miharu.

Raimei and Raikou will fight it out. Will Raimei avenge her parents' death?

Nabari No Ou-Episode 8-Inherited Spirit

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Miharu keeps on thinking the work old woman in his mind knowing she would read his mind and hear it.

Kumohira can sense how many people are in the room, but he didn't expect the Kira user to be in the room as well.

I can't even remember this guy's name. The ninja who likes to use guns. He really doesn't do much except shoots with his gun and not doing much damage.

We learned that Oda's daughter had a terminal illness and was dying. She took the drug offered to her by Nowake thinking it would cure her daughter but instead killed her faster.

Yoite got all crazy when Oda tries to control his mind, until Rokujo stopped him from killing everybody and himself at the same time.

Frosty is a sneaky guy too, pretending to bag for mercy. When he really wants to pull out his gun.

Aizawa proved to be a formidable person with lots of things in hiding. He actually brainwashed Nowake to admit that he killed Frosty and all other bodyguards to take over Frosty's position.

What? The assassination request was given to Fuuma, then he gave the job to Togakushi clan knowing Oda has a grudge against Frosty company. Katou was actually sent by Fuuma to infiltrate Togakushi and to prove that the anti-mind reading technique was successful. Oda now feels used and of course won't trust Katou anymore.

Katou and Fuuma left with the scroll happily fooling everyone. But he said he'll still pay, what a bastard.

Soul Eater-Episode 9-Legend of the Sacred Sword

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Pour Soul was having a nightmare. Maka really wanted to make Soul feel better, but Soul didn't want her to teat him so different from before. Soul is so tender, really caring about Maka's feelings.

Death Scythe tries to comfort Maka on the roof with the funny looking sun, but Maka asked him why he fools around with women so much.

He did not have an answer.
Nobody can stand Excalibur as a person even if his wavelength match with every one's.

The kid and Black star are going to get the Excalibur. The kid is afraid to touch water. They were definitely not expecting Excalibur to look like the following.


The book which wrote a lot of good things about Excalibur is actually written by Excalibur.

In the mean time, Death Scythe tries to explain how the first death God came from.

The kid and Black Star pretty much ran away from Excalibur.

Excalibur will not let them go that easy. We shall see a lot from this wacky weapon I'm assuming.

Soul Eater-Episode 8-Witch Medusa-The great evil pocessing one's soul?

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Saved, just in the nick of time.

Maka would of being hurt too if Stein and her father didn't' show up. Maka was too worried about Soul to pay attention to death scythe.

Death Scythe thought the battle was already over, but the enemy is not dead.

Stein internally injured Chrona using one hand.

But the blood that came out from Chrona became needles. Stein got smarter and pushed Chrona out the door later.

That's a cute soul protector, it even has 3 screws in it.

Chrona got hit int he head and passed out. I don't think her blood likes it, that must of hurt.

Medusa revealed herself. That's a pretty big soul wave.

Medusa trying to hurt the best team, doesn't work.

Black Star is so stupid, trying to wake Soul when he's out cold with series wounds. Of course he got a beating from Maka.

What? Medusa is teaching in the school? How come they don't know? She looks the same. It's the superman syndrome again.

Macross Frontier-Episode 10-Legend of Zero

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Legend of Zero? I've heard that somewhere. I know! The Leon's no money down miracle.

Alto is a beauty, talking to Ranka on the phone. He is bound to be in between Sheryl and Ranka. Oh, the love triangle.

Suspicious. This guy wants to know more about the Vajra, but is it safe?

The unknown guy has Sheryl's earring? Must be indestructible.

Brera came and slashed the hydra in half.

Maybe Brera is related to Ranka?

Ranka forgot about Brera, she thought it's Alto that saved her.

Sheryl just love kissing Alto and wouldn't admit that she likes him. Ranka always see it too.

Ranka wasn't sure if she wanted to be in the kissing scene, but after seeing Sheryl kissed Alto, she just had to do it.

She gets so embarrassed seeing the kissing scene. Her look is so funny.

I just know that Alto somehow is going to be related to the Macross Zero bird man too.

The director finally spoke.

I really thought Ranka is going to fall or do something silly, but darn, she didn't.

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