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Monday, May 26, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 7-The Terror of Black Blood

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A witch seems to be talking to this person wanting her to eat more souls. That looks quite disgusting, something popping out from the person's back.

Bunch of Italian mobs. Soul sure took care of them.

We know the witch's name is Medusa. She wants a weapon and her meister kill all the Italian mobs in the church and take the souls.

What? The weapon is the blood? That's going to be fun! Maka and Soul is too weak against the enemy.

The black blood sword can screech, so it can hurt Soul even in weapon mode. Maka was so stupid, she didn't want to block the black sword with Soul. Soul had to change back to human body to protect her. That's even worse. I wonder if Black Blood will be killed next episode.

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