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Friday, May 23, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 7-The Heart's decision

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New clan president introduced. Their Kinjutsu is to read people's minds. Apparently it eats away the life of the user as well. I wonder what's her real intention.

I just love kitties. Miharu just won't tell Kumohira sensei what happened to his abduction.

After the president of the mind reading clan commissioned the Banten village ninjas to kill the evil CEO of the largest corporation, she pulled out her cellphone with this little girl's picture in it. I wonder if this little girl is dead or is sick because of the evil CEO.

Raimei received info from Fumma village that they found out something about her brother. She wants to go of course, but Miharu tried to make her feel guilty by saying he might die if she leaves, but her happiness if his happiness so she should go without regrets.

Miharu saw Yoite. When Kumohira warn him not to get too far behind, Miharu immediately said he's contemplating how to get Kumohira on the train when going back home. It made Kumohira sweat just by thinking about it.

Yoite and Yukimi is suppose to protect the evil CEO who sold weapons and test on people in 3rd world countries. They didn't get the respect they deserved. Surprisingly, Yoite didn't try to kill anyone from this insult. Maybe he's trying to save up his energy to help Miharu later on.

Kumohira will try to kill the CEO alone, I just don't think he has the skills to go against Yoite and Yukimi, but since Yoite will help Miharu in obtaining the scrolls, he might let the CEO die purposely.

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