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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 5-The shape of the Soul

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Dr. Stein, always trying to roll with his chair out the door, but always get tripped by the door frame. Such smart and silly character at the same time.

I don't know what was used on Sid, but it's certainly funny. Sounds like they're selling a product.

Stein's soul is so big, but the screw is even bigger. LOL. Hmmm. I wonder if the screw is keeping his soul big or keeping his soul small.

First successful resonance between Maka and Soul......NOT. Stein shattered the extended scythe into pieces.

Soul Eater-Episode 4-Invoking Witch Hunting

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Soul, Maka and Blair in the same room, someone is getting the wrong impression.

Soul's soul resonating with Maka's soul, which means a loud bang-failure.

Powerful nevertheless, needs some tweaking, almost killing Black Star.

2nd thing Black Star successfully done. I guess this is getting back at what Maka and soul did. No harm done. Now, to search for the person that turned teacher Sid into a zombie.

Soul Eater-Episode 3-The Boy of Perfection

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Now we're introduced to Shinigami's son who loves perfect symmetry and is very annal about it.

Kid ditched the twin gun sisters just because he thinks a picture frame is not symmetrical. Cute mummies.

Kid hates non-symmetrical monsters. Now he's willing to kill it.

Powerful Kid, but he damaged the pyramid afterward so his father confiscated all the souls he collected.

Soul Eater-Episode 2-I am the Star

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This Black Star, he can never get his ninja ways correct. He's suppose to conceal his presence to assassinate people. I guess he's too much of a performer to conceal himself to public.

He finally got serious and tricked the witch bodyguard. Nice action.

Such a cute little witch, not really grown up yet. You can probably guess what will happen. With 99 souls and a witch, Black Star let her go and delivered the 99 souls back to Shinigami. It's kind of expected since it's only the beginning of the anime.

Soul Eater-Episode 1-The resonance of souls

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I like how she wields a big scythe, very cool for a woman.

Do they always have to show big breasted woman and nosebleed guys?

The moon and sun is quit interesting, they're both alive.

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