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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Greed-Episode 5

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Yamase teacher is lurking around Miharu's house, but he seems to be afraid of the cat since he jumped away when the cat got to the window.

This time Miharu's wound hasn't healed like last time he got stabbed. Miharu thinks maybe the Shinrabanshou has left him already.

Raimei is an honest girl, she tells Miharu that she has ulterior motive for getting close to him, because she wants to get close to Kairoushuu, then she can find her brother, Raikou, who killed her family in cold blood to join Kairoushuu.

Fuuma dono will sacrifice his ninjas to do whatever necessary to stop Shinrabanshou from being used, but Kumohira want to protect Miharu without killing people or keep casualty to a minimum. Kumohira really doesn't know his own strength, he can't even beat the Kira user, how can he protect Miharu?

Miharu isn't caring about anything and is only doing homework. All of a sudden Yoite shows up in his room and knocked Rouichi and Raimei out. I wonder why Yoite didn't kill them this time since he should have no problem killing them. This is what I think Yoite would say (just for fun): "Miharu, can you be my friend? If you be my friend, then I won't kill your other friends. Ah, being a powerful ninja is so hard. I can't get any friend who understands, they just think I'm weird."

We'll see if I'm right next week.

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