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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Raimei Arrives-episode 2

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Rouichi and Thobari(Kumohira) Sensei was sparing and wanted Miharu to train as well, but he is only staring at a lady bug. The lady bug flied away and Shimizu Raimei showed up jumping down from the roof. She wants to know what kind of guy has the Hijutsu. Little does she know Miharu doesn't care about it all that much. Raimei came from the village of Fuma and is a samurai.

It's basketball time. Miharu, as usual doesn't run all that much. But when he gets the ball, he again uses his evil wit to distract other players. Where the other people are startled, he advances and shoots the ball. He said that's his full power.

When Raimei observe Miharu, he doesn't seem to know any danger is around him. He thinks she wants his power too. He doesn't see himself in any danger. Raimei has being following him after school, but lost him after a convenience store.

Raimei found him when he was hanging on the edge of a cliff while trying to put a young bird back into its nest. Miharu didn't even seem scared. Kumohira Sensei is researching for a way to seal the Hijutsu. So he'll just train on ninja techniques. He actually listens somewhat.

After a bit of struggling between Raimei and Kumohira on if to take Miharu to the Fuma village or not, Kumohira gave in and decide to take a trip with them. Miharu is late as expected, and then show up with the funniest outfit claiming it's "in style" by his aunt. The T-shirt actually says "tenant muscle sore" The sub group didn't translate that.

Kouichi lend Miharu his gym outfit so it's not that embarrassing. Now Kumohira doesn't want to get on the train because he's scared of the train colliding. Miharu took out his powerful weapon again to persuade Kumohira with his soft voice that he can't go anywhere without Kumohira. Kumohira looks like he's going to die.

Fuma Kotarou writes a lot of books on ninja techniques. Since he is good and changing outward appearances, he can be anything in the real world. He usually works in the government and also is a writer. Raimei's parents knows him so she knows a lot about Fuma.

Outside the train, it's starting to rain. Kumohira is reminded of the old times that other people have forgotten except him on that fateful raining day. Young Miharu on Kumohira's back was acting him where is mother and grandfather. Asahibo is mentioned, but we don't know who it is at this point. Kumohira apparently killed Miharu's relatives and took Miharu with him.

They finally arrived at the destination train stop and took a bus to go deep into the forest. Apparently Kumohira was born in Ireland, but since he has a fear of metal transportation, how did he get to Japan? Raimei said the Fuma village is hidden by a mist technique, but they can see the village quite well. All of a sudden they sense someone is coming, then a bunch of Fuma ninja bodies come flying out. What's going on?

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