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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Episode 4C-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

Video Stream in subtitle: Episode 4C

The hospital head now understand that his daughter loved Ying-Gi very much, but he did not know how to love and did not love his daughter before she died.

Now Showu is being brought to a shelter for children being abused. The teacher explained to Showu that he'll be in care of foster parents, but they will love him like their own. Ying-Gi tells Showu, if he ever feel sad or is unhappy for any reason, he can feel free to drop by the flower shop in front of the station, even if he is in high school, just bring a rose, he'll understand. The coffee shop owner said he can come to him as well.

May-Ying was still discussing with the hospital head that Ying-Gi can't be the one who ditched his daughter. The hospital head found out from the videos that his daughter left, the lover never went to the hospital after finding out she was pregnant until she died. He figured Ying-Gi is just repenting from his sins by bringing the daughter up in life. Just because he changed doesn't mean he can be forgiven.

Yu was talking to the old lady that she wants May-Ying and her father to get married. The old lady, after seeing May-Ying is not blind, said Yu is too rushed.

Ying-Gi, the coffee shop owner, and the teacher went for dinner. The teacher said the police will be checking into Showu's parents and they might go to jail. Ying-Gi is more worried about Showu's psyche when he grows up. He wouldn't know what's real love and he will be wondering why this kind of thing happened to him. Ying-Gi then left early and dropped by May-Ying's condo. May-Ying was watching video from Yu's mother when Ying-Gi came by saying he forgot his keys.

Ying-Gi didn't want to wake up Yu and the old lady and Naue wouldn't pick up his phone. May-Ying took out the white ball that supposedly won her the lottery LCD. She said she knew they didn't win because she showed people the red ball and people laughed at her and said it was a white ball. Ying-Gi was embarrassed that he got found out. May-Ying said it's okay, as long as it's what Ying-Gi said, she'll always believe him.

Episode 4B-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

Video Stream with Chinese subtitles: Episode 4B

Naue, the private detective, called the hospital head, telling him that it's time to advance to the next stage....

Ying-Gi bought a LCD and a video recorder for May-Ying as a gift. May-Ying said she can't do anything for him in return. Ying-Gi was very grateful for May-Ying cooking for him and his family, everyone said it was delicious. May-Ying kept on asking, "for real", Ying-Gi said he would never lie to her. All of a sudden she broke into tears. We all know why. May-Ying ask if he has always being like this ever since childhood, very gentle and kind to everybody, his parents must have taught him well. Ying-Gi think he is capable of doing cruel things. May-Ying applaud him for knowing himself and not running away from it like most people.

Showu's step father talks about how dumb the store owner was and how easy is it to make money using Showu. Showu's mother is afraid to get caught, but the boyfriend said Showu is very clever. The mother's boyfriend even said that if the child died accidentally, then they would make a lot of money. (How cruel can you be? This guy is immoral)

Yu was calculating the monthly budget when Ying-Gi was waiting for Showu's phone call. Yu was blaming on Naue taking the money, but Ying-Gi admit that he took some. Yu then begin her little speech about since Ying-Gi make the money and can spend it as he wish, but she would prefer he tells her about it first. Ying-Gi won't say what he bought. (LCD, and video recording equipment I bet).

May-Ying's father was going to leave the hospital, but May-Ying made him stay until the report comes out. Her father told her not to hide the truth from him.

Naue wanted to tell Ying-Gi about May-Ying's eyes. The scene than switched to the old lady who's living at Ying-Gi place visiting her old friend at a hospital. She saw May-Ying as a nurse in the hospital. What's going on?

Showu took out the chocolate his was hiding before and starts to eat. His mother's boyfriend saw him and decide to grab him, at that time Showu took the cellphone. Then we see Ying-Gi grabbing the coffee shop owner to save Showu. Ying-Gi gave the coffee shop owner the mask Yu made, then he knocked on the door and budged in. Now we see a series of scenes without dialogue. They rustle with Showu's mother and her boyfriend. The mother fought back with feather pillows. Ying-Gi showed her her cellphone with SOS sent out to him and ran back to the car where the teacher and the store owner was waiting.

May-Ying wanted to disperse the hospital head's misunderstanding toward Ying-Gi. May-Ying said it was inevitable since there is no way that Ying-Gi knew his lover's body couldn't handle pregnancy.

Episode 4a-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

Video Stream with Chinese subtitles: Episode 4A

May-Ying doesn't believe in luck. But she thinks maybe there will be good things happening after bad things happened. Therefore she doesn't believe winning the lottery either, but she still get angry at herself for buying one. Ying-Gi accompanied her to buy groceries and saw a price draw beside for a TV, the grand price. Ying-Gi wanted to know if the TV has being won yet, the store owner told him that the lucky red ball won't be in the drawing box until the last time just to attract more customers. Ying-Gi was struggling with the store owner to put the red ball in the box while May-Ying drew a ball herself. Of course it wasn't a winner, but Ying-Gi really wanted to make her happy so he pretended that she won and rang the bell.

Ying-Gi was in the coffee shop when the store owner showed up to complain about Showu's parents. Since Showu stole from the store before, the store owner just assumed that Showu
stole again and ask for his parents' cellphone numbers. This time Showu gave both numbers pretty quick. The store owner said the parents was apologizing at first and the father even hit Showu to the ground. Then they found out there was no merchandise in the child's pocket. Showu's father then took advantage of the situation and starts to demand compensation, medical payment and complained about Showu's mental health now after he was spanked. The store owner think it's kind of weird about Showu's parents. Ying-Gi made a comment that the parents setup a trap for the store owner.

Showu still didn't go to shool the next day. His mother just told the teacher that he was sick. The teacher came to ask Ying-Gi if he knows what's happening. They went out to find Showu playing at the beach. Ying-gi took them to a restaurant and starts to explain what's happening to the kid to the teacher. The man that went to the store wasn't really Showu's father, he is Showu's mother's boyfriend. Showu doesn't want to go home because he doesn't know what side his mother is on and might change all of a sudden. Showu sometimes goes to different people's house to stay and refuse to go home since he might be beaten. Ying-gi gave Showu back his chocolate and call him a "no name warrior" There are at least 30,000 children like him. Everyday wearing the same thing, ignore by their parents.

The school teacher contacted the previous school that Showu went to and found out he didn't go to school for 2 months at a time before. Ying-gi told the teacher that they can only save him if he is willing to betray his parents and ask for help, otherwise, the court will give him back to his parents at the end of the day.

The hospital head caught his wife packing some bags. She said she doesn't want to be married to him any more. He just use work to escape the hurt that he felt after their daughter passed away. Instead of grieving together, he ignored his wife to the extent that his wife feel alone in the marriage. She rented a place and she just left.

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