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Friday, March 7, 2008

Appleseed Ex-Machina

I just finished watching Appleseed Ex-Machina. It's as beautifully made as the previous one. Crispy clear pictures makes viewing such a pleasure. Just look how smooth the texture is when you see the city Olympus. Oh I could say was, "wow". The story was pretty predictable, but still a nice watch.

Briareos as usual protects Dunen when fighting against terrorists. He was in the hospital for a while, but his body was tough, so of course he survives. Then the intro credit show Dunen ride her bike through traffic, I love seeing the reflections, very glossy. It's nice seeing her go through traffic so easily.

She just had to help out with a riot from a fired construction worker that got into a mech. I just like how clear it is to read words from the body of the mech. Olympus is suppose to be an utopia, but little do they know mankind just can't keep away from war for too long. They have this virtual reality gadget called connexus, you can see the Internet right in front of your eyes. All you need are the 2 bluetooth look-alike earphone pieces. Now we get introduced to Hitomi's birthday party through connexus.

Hitomi's dress looks cute, but I couldn't get a full shot up close. Dunen, finally wearing a dress off duty, but her stupid hat just has got to go, that thing totally destroyed the whole outfit.

Always the odd one, Briareos looks like he has bunny ears. He walks up to Dunen and couldn't believe his eyes, wanted to get it checked out. Dunen finally got along with a look-alike of Briareos when he was still human, Tereus is a Briareos clone after all.

He got very close to Dunen after Briareos went berserk and hurt him, maybe there is something between them.....

They found out that connexus was controlling human and cyborgs and sent out warnings to users, but no body would listen since they're pretty much addicted to the thing. It's like taking away your PDA/cellphone/digital camera/Internet access at the same time.

Of course the good doctor that took care of Briareos' cyborg body planted something inside his body to finish his scheme. He just look like a bad guy. It's so typical in this type of story, but I'm again amazed at the graphic in this movie. The doctor's face just look so real.

He is really bad to revive a dead scientist's brain from her own creation, mind control device for the half brain dead people left suffering from the damage of war. The intention of the creation was good, but then it makes some people think they're god and can mess around with good minds. The doctor want everyone to have controlled thinking so no one is different and thus can't have conflicts and then the world will be truly at peace without war. In my opinion, what's the sense of living when you can't think for yourself, might as well not exist at all, peaceful or not.

The brain controlling everyone through satellite and connexus locates in this place that reminds me of the borgs in Star Trek Voyager.

Dunen killed what's left of the woman scientist as her cyborg part was shocked temporarily. Ya! Human race is once again saved. Such beautiful morning sky with sunlight shining through the clouds.
Many people think they are God's messenger, but they don't even know what God really wants. Mindless people that only obeys? I don't think so.

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