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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 15-The Soul-Devouring Black Dragon

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That doesn't look like a dragon at all. I wonder what it is?

That's a weird shape, supposedly made by the black dragon.

I thought it was Shinagami sama, but it's only the Kid. That reminds me, I haven't seen Shinagami's face yet.

So the Black Dragon is a ghost ship.

Japanese can't pronounce Nidhogg. It sounded more like Nidheg.

Patti seems to be mentally retarded. She row the boat so fast that it hit the big ship. Kid is worse sometimes. He just want to hit the ship in the middle for symmetry purpose.

Liz tried to rob Kid in Brooklyn and end up being his weapon. Kid even denied a lot of arranged marriages just to have the sisters as weapon.

Little girl ghost tried to help Liz out, but she just keep on going on about how she's going to get eaten. The ghost got fed up and yelled at her.

Ragnarok ate all the souls on the ship. The previous enemy didn't even stand a chance against Ragnarok. The weapon looks different this time. I wonder if it's enough souls to let Chrona become a Demon God.

Kid is doing the Sin Stance. I just want to knock him down with that stance, it's totally unsymmetrical!


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