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Monday, July 14, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 14-Ultra Written Exam

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Maka's dad sending her good luck aura to do her test well. What a naive dad.

Black Star can't do any questions. I love his expression, trying to be serious, but a total failure.

No body wants to play with Blair. Mew!

Papa still trying to send aura to Maka in his own way.

Maka Finally finished her studies. Cat is so cute!

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Patty is like a kid, can't concentrate at all. She only made a giraffe during the test, and surprisingly she got 2 marks for it.

Black Star still wanting to do something after he got beat up by stealing Stein's test paper. Soul thought he was going to give him some answer.

Soul failed the test, he should of spend more time on studying and not make cheat sheets.

Maka was so little. Back then her father and her still had good relationship.

Blair ruined the present for Maka, now Maka is going to hate her father again. Should never ask someone else to buy a present for you, remember well. I wonder why Maka's mother never shows up.

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