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Monday, July 14, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 13-Man of the Demoneye

He couldn't get out of jail for 200 years. He really has no imagination whatsoever. He felt stupid that he didn't pee his way out of the jail.

He can smell enemy, no shit. They're surrounded.

He has no future because of his stupidity? He really should use the witch eye.

Soul said Maka has fat ankles. Weird how a little quarrel made their soul's wavelengths unmatched.

Black Star wanting to show off the Fey Blade, but he didn't even last 10 seconds.

Maka can't wield Soul anymore. Those scented candles were disastrous.

What kind of idiot is that? Spiking himself instead of the enemy. 200 years of imprisonment has really slowed him down.

Another idiotic move, ice coffining yourself. Ah, it's okay, he's immortal anyways.

Maka coughing out black blood. That can't be good. When did the black blood get into Maka, maybe from soul resonance?

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