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Monday, July 14, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 13-The School That Doesn't Sleep

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Such shocked faces when Thobari was kissed by a Hana. Felt like even Thobari didn't know they were in that kind of relationship.

Shijima took the Kairoushuu to the Alya academy.

But the students there seems to be hostile towards them.

Yukimi and Raikou tried to spy on the conversation between Kouga ninjas and they got found out. Trying to buy a ball pen? That was the worst excuse of all.

I don't understand what the blue wavy lines are for. She seems to be doing a lot of worrying, maybe it's steam, but not the color I'm expecting.

Who's stupid enough to ask students to kill experienced ninjas? Or they have other plans?

Katarina and Subaru thought Kairoushuu and Banten ninjas are disturbing the peace, so they started to fight.

Sennuki is trying to destroy the school and get the Daya scroll. I'm hoping Miharu is alright, he fell down the stairs when Katarina chased after him.

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