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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 14-Mother's Lullaby

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At first I thought Alto is going to be sucked into the void, but he didn't. Gallia 4 is missing more than a quarter of it's mass.

Bobby likes Ozma and tries to give advise to Ozma, but Ozma gets the creeps from him. Ozma didn't really want to hear the comments Bobby gave about man and woman.

Monica likes the captain but the captain doesn't even know it and commented she'll make a good wife.

Macross Quarter in action. I'm sure they re-used some scenes.

Alto is so slow, finally ready to fold back to help Frontier.

Michele got hurt folding back to Frontier.

Sheryl thought she could pilot a plane and not get shot down, but once she fly out, the plane got shut down and she had to eject out of the plane.

Main mothership of Vajra folded behind the Frontier fleet for a surprise attack. Some people got sucked out into space.

Alto requested permission to have heavy weaponry to rescue Ranka. Nice look plane.

Brera always have to get in the way of Alto. He doesn't think Alto is good enough for Ranka.

Alto killed queen Vajra and almost killed himself too.

Still don't know what Grace is up to, but seems like she's getting a new body. She's guessing Ranka is the little queen.

Ranka crying over the annihilation of the Vajra. Brera can't understand why.

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