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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 13-Memory of Global

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Story continued from last episode.

Ranka remembered Vajra destroyed something from her memory, but she still can't grasp what exactly is in her past.

Sheryl is still sick and doesn't want to take the pill Grace offered.

The pill dropped when the power went out. No wonder Sheryl was sick, Grace was drugging her.

Alto and Ranka got scared by this little creature, but it's so "kawai".

Something got into her pants. I don't understand why she called Alto idiot though. Can't girls just say what's on their mind?

Something big took Ranka to the macross, that's a huge dent.

Young Ranka's pictures with her family. It just disintegrates after Alto touched it.

Ranka woke up seeing a lot of Vajra eggs. I like the globe transmitter.

Grace turning on the Dimensional Eater. Apparently she hates Sheryl and Zentradi and want them to die.

All the Vajra ships are folding. Michele and Sheryle followed them.

Alto didn't go through the fold. I wonder if Alto will be out of danger? We'll know soon enough.

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