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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Batman-Gotham Knight-In Darkness Dwells

This is the 4th story of the movie. To see previous stories, please look at my previous posts.
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Different source from my previous post.

This studio has more of a DC comic book drawing style. The night looks magnificent.

I like how detailed it is. The PDA words are very clear.

Batman and Lt. Gordon. Gordon actually trusts Batman to find out about Lizard man and Scare Crow.

Cops getting ready to help batman on the helicopter.

So the Lizard man is real. His momma didn't want him and dumped him to the sewers. Apparently he has a fear of bats. What a coincidence.

Scare Crow is disgusting under magnifying glass.

Close call. I love the reflection on the scythe. Batman saved the cardinal.

Batman didn't want to go on the helicopter. He just had to fly off the platform and exit in his own style.

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