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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Batman-Gotham Knight-Field Test

This is the 3rd part of the movie. For previous stories, please see my previous posts.

Mr. Wayne is such a young guy. I just can't picture Bruce like this, not with the voice. His face is just way too pale.

Mr. Pots? I don't remember this character, but I didn't really watch Batman when I was younger. He found out a electro-magnetic field that can deflect bullets by sound frequency.

This guy built a golf course for the homeless. He invited Bruce for a poker tournament, but Bruce said he had some business to attend to. When asked "Blond or Brunette", Wayne said half Russian and half Italian." It sounds kinky, but Bruce was really talking about the mobs.

Bullet deflector at work.

Batman set the Russians and the Italians back to their own turf before he brings them into prison later on.

One bullet deflected to a young Russian. "You broke him, you bought him" Batman eventually gave up the device so he won't accidentally kill other people.

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