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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 9-Legend of the Sacred Sword

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Pour Soul was having a nightmare. Maka really wanted to make Soul feel better, but Soul didn't want her to teat him so different from before. Soul is so tender, really caring about Maka's feelings.

Death Scythe tries to comfort Maka on the roof with the funny looking sun, but Maka asked him why he fools around with women so much.

He did not have an answer.
Nobody can stand Excalibur as a person even if his wavelength match with every one's.

The kid and Black star are going to get the Excalibur. The kid is afraid to touch water. They were definitely not expecting Excalibur to look like the following.


The book which wrote a lot of good things about Excalibur is actually written by Excalibur.

In the mean time, Death Scythe tries to explain how the first death God came from.

The kid and Black Star pretty much ran away from Excalibur.

Excalibur will not let them go that easy. We shall see a lot from this wacky weapon I'm assuming.

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