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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 12-Undaunting Courage in the Face of Fear

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They couldn't block at all, what kind of witches are they?

Soul looks good in a suite.

Why doesn't the Devil persuade Soul more? Most of the sales people would have sold the idea of having more power to Soul already.

I guess Soul doesn't like this part of the dream.

Black Star's facial express is always priceless. Always getting right to the job.

Admirable of Black Star wanting the best result fast. He should of used one finger only and not the whole hand. When did the cat become her friend?

Guys would like this picture.

Never ending cliche of guys having nosebleeds, but not the Kid though, he's immune.

Poor frog and mouse, they don't know Medusa's power. I wouldn't tell my enemy how I would kill her. They really thought they can win.

Magic snake rocks! Not that I like snakes all that much. I touched some snakes before, not as bad as it looks.

Frog gets stepped on. Medusa actually like the feeling underneath her feet. It can't be that good, all slimy and wet.

Can't really see the guy's face, but he has being blind folded. We'll know his ability next week.

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