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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 11-Tsubaki, the Camelia

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While Tsubaki is fighting within her soul, Black Star was taking a beating from village kids.

Tsubaki is just like the flower with the same name, scentless and looks pathetic when it falls, that's what Tsubaki's brother keep on saying.

Other people are looking for Stein for a answer about the brother and sister fight, but he's busy eating lunch. The sign actually says "In the Bento" I guess lunch time is lunch time, nothing beats eating food when I'm hungry that's for sure.

Masamune trying to absorb Tsubaki's soul and Tsubaki is trying to take Masamune's soul as well. I love the soul cartoon, always so cute.

The older sister can't live without the younger sister and later on claim it was the younger sister that cried.

Tsubaki can't win against her brother in a physical fight.

Black Star reminds her of the time they just go into the school, as usual, he's at the top of the school trying to show off his star quality. He claims he is a god.

Tsubaki's soul trying to get out from her brother's control.

I thought Tsubaki would actually stab her brother the 2nd chance she got, but her brother still stabbed her. For some reason though, Masamune's soul gets sucked into Tsubaki instead.

It wasn't pity like Masamune have thought. Tsubaki just really loved her brother, but I guess some guys have inferiority complex. Even if you only are good at one thing, it's not the end of the world. There is really no need to sell your soul to the devil to be the best.

Black Star at the highest peak again.

He still can't wield the Fey Blade. Apparently it drains the user, so Black Star has to improve more.

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