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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 9-Prelude

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The Wakachi taking care of Kairoushuu that commits treason. Raikou is the leader of Wakachi. Raikou enjoyed killing the thief and said something beautiful just happened, what a weirdo.

Rokujo and Kumohira goes home together on a bus. I was just wondering why Kumohira got on a bus, then he freaked out and turned blue in the face.

Raikou's apprentice was angry at Yoite and Yukimi getting the task of finding other Kinjutsus, but failed.

Yoite is definitely loosing his life force day by day. His hands are starting to rot away. He only has a few months left to live.

Raikou wanted to take care of the last member of Shimizu clan other than him.

Miharu demanded to know why Kumohira remembers what happened 10 years ago when the Shinrabanshou was used and not other people. Kumohira is definitely hiding something and promised that he would kill Miharu if he tries to use the Hitjutsu.

Yoite wasn't looking too good. He doesn't have much time left, maybe a few months. He just wanted to see Miharu.

But he passed out before getting to Miharu.

Raimei and Raikou will fight it out. Will Raimei avenge her parents' death?

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