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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 11-Curtain Call

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Raimei is so full of energy ready to fight her brother again.

Miharu pretends he doesn't care what she thinks.

Aizawa commented it's good for Miharu and Thobari to be separated after fights. Raimei said they're not a couple, can't use that kind of description.

Escape from People technique? Who's the writer for this series? ROFL!!

Miharu should be an actor!

Raikou's mother wouldn't let him save his friend because she's not in the nabari world.
Kourin was reading the book called "Nabari in 21st century" I wonder who wrote the book? Could it be Fuuma dono?

Raikou's uncle killed his father and then killed his mother too when Kourin was blocking in front of Raikou.

Raikou let Raimei believe he killed their parents and joined Kairoushuu.

When Raimei confronted Raikou, Raikou was sorry he didn't let Raimei know, but when Raimei said it's Miharu's decision on how to use the Hijutsu, he sees their mother in her and he decided to be kill Raimei.

Gau stand in between Raimei and Raikou and got injured by the sword. He just want siblings to not kill each other. The name, Gau, sounds like a noise coming out of a baby's mouth. Maybe in another drama series before I heard it.

In the hospital Raikou was talking about how he and Gau met. He killed the person that killed Gau's mom for him because he couldn't and led him to the nabari world.

Raikou will drop the White Gamon and stay with Kairoushuu.

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