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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 10-Polka Raimei and Raikou

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Thobari just wanted to kill Yoite when he sees him at the door, even when he just heard that Yoite collapsed on the ground calling out Miharu's name.

Raimei wouldn't ask or hear Raikou out, she just want to avenge her clansman's death. Raikou seamed to really want to explain why he killed all his family members except his little sister.

Raikou hid for a while. I wonder why he looks hurt. Heart problem?

Raikou slashed Raimei and took the flowers around her. He must really like those plants.

Yoite is so weak, he can't even speak without leaning against the door. Can they really get all 5 kinjutsu scrolls in time?

Raimei's ninja career has ended. Her sword has being taken by her brother.

Raikou was reminded of his childhood when he see other people fight for stuff. I can see he really cares for his sister.

Wow, what's with that outfit?

When Gau got beat up, Raikou just lost it and killed the guy over and over again. Raikou was zoned out because he suddenly remembered his parents' faces and how Raimei was calling him traitor.

Miharu really knows how to control Kumohira's emotions. Biting his tongue to kill himself if Kumohira follows him, that's cruel.

Yoite is taking some sort of pill. Only 2 pills left. He doesn't like people being nice to him because he doesn't have anything to give in return. There is always something you can give back in return. He's definitely too young to be thinking in this manner. I need to know what happened to his family?

I'm eager to know about Raikou and Yoite's past.

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