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Monday, June 2, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 9-Friendly Fire

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Michael shot Alto by accident because he was thinking of his dead sister. That damn Grace just had to bring it up. What motive does she have anyways?

She's even spying on government meetings now.

Alto got so angry for being shot at that he got beat up by Michael.....Useless! I expected more from an angry person.

Michael only got a slap from Klan for making smirk remark. Klan certainly like Michael more than he knows, since they are childhood friends.

Isn't she cute? Klan as a child with Michael.

Sheryl talking to Alto about her TV show. She slipped out an information that she didn't even finish school.

Ranka is advertising her debut song when saw the alien guy again. That guy seems to be listening to something. I guess he's spying on the military transmission.

Unknown UFO codename Purple 1 got the order to destroy the Vajra nest to prevent the sample from being taken. What side is this guy on anyways? He shoots at everything, but so far he only kills Vajra. His weapon is really powerful in open mode, destroyed the whole Vajra nest.

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