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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 11-Missing Birthday

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Nian Nian in Chinese means mother, feminine, or mistress. It also sounds like the cat sound in Japanese, I guess that's why Ranka was acting like a cat.

She's everywhere now.

Gallia Four has something weird from the sound of it.

Ranka is famous now, going to sing at the same place that Sheryl sang before.

Look at all the mad faces. For now, Sheryl is still more famous than Ranka. Alto always seem to dislike Sheryl's presence, but he always stays beside her for some reason.

Haha, Ranka's brother wouldn't see her movie, because of the kissing scene.

On the other hand, Alto's brother is quit happy about the movie since Alto hasn't forgotten acting.

Looks nothing like the brother in the previous pic, so much older looking.

Who's imagining this? Or all of them?

Sheryl is having a fever. I wouldn't want somebody to look at me like that. Relief concert? She's too hard working.

So there is some Zentradi that still don't like to be under human's ruling. They just want to whine about everything.

I just had to take another screenshot of the cellphone.

This is really good shot of Ranka.

This restaurant reminds me of CN tower, but better. My mom would definitely freak out so high up.

Alto-kun is so cute. He made his decision, flying was his passion and will be always.

Alto is following Sheryl again. Sheryl knows very well that Ranka wants to see Alto, but Sheryl steered Alto to her side anyways.

Ranka made bitter air plane cookies. Aren't people suppose to taste it before trying to give out what they've cooked? She doesn't seem bitter right now, but she'll be soon.

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