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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 10-Legend of Zero

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Legend of Zero? I've heard that somewhere. I know! The Leon's no money down miracle.

Alto is a beauty, talking to Ranka on the phone. He is bound to be in between Sheryl and Ranka. Oh, the love triangle.

Suspicious. This guy wants to know more about the Vajra, but is it safe?

The unknown guy has Sheryl's earring? Must be indestructible.

Brera came and slashed the hydra in half.

Maybe Brera is related to Ranka?

Ranka forgot about Brera, she thought it's Alto that saved her.

Sheryl just love kissing Alto and wouldn't admit that she likes him. Ranka always see it too.

Ranka wasn't sure if she wanted to be in the kissing scene, but after seeing Sheryl kissed Alto, she just had to do it.

She gets so embarrassed seeing the kissing scene. Her look is so funny.

I just know that Alto somehow is going to be related to the Macross Zero bird man too.

The director finally spoke.

I really thought Ranka is going to fall or do something silly, but darn, she didn't.

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