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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nabari No Ou-The Ordered Mission-episode 4

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The Tempenka(change, mutate) Kinjutsu sroll has being stolen from Fuuma village. Yoite ran away when Fuuma dono and other Fuuma ninjas came back to help.

Miharu now wonders if everybody has their own intentions to ask something in return from him once he can utilize his power.

Yoite doesn't like being called cute boy. He got as far as almost trying to kill the scroll carrier. This guy is definitely crazy.

Iga village is communicating over the internet, very modern and it outreaches faster. Hattori Toujuurou, the leader of the Kairoushuu, wants all his ninjas to steal all the Kinjutsu scrolls from all villages. Fuuma dono wants the same thing, so he can make a new technique to separate Shinrabanshou from its host without killing the host.

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