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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 1 to 6

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I finally caught up on Macross Frontier after excessive nagging from my brother. And I have to admit, the action, comedy, music and the cellphone, which seems to have life of its own, is great. Poor cellphone, always getting abused by Ranka and getting its life squeezed out of it. Ranka's voice seems to affect Vajra, but we don't know in a good way or bad way. For some reason, Alto lied about being with Sheryl when Ranka couldn't find him. Maybe it has something to do with Sheryl kissing him. The table that shoots arrows when the people tabs it is cool, but it's pretty useless. It's like a silence game board. Vajra seems to be attacking more often now. Sheryl and Alto seems to be getting closer. Ranka might just become the next star.

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