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Monday, May 26, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 7-The Terror of Black Blood

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A witch seems to be talking to this person wanting her to eat more souls. That looks quite disgusting, something popping out from the person's back.

Bunch of Italian mobs. Soul sure took care of them.

We know the witch's name is Medusa. She wants a weapon and her meister kill all the Italian mobs in the church and take the souls.

What? The weapon is the blood? That's going to be fun! Maka and Soul is too weak against the enemy.

The black blood sword can screech, so it can hurt Soul even in weapon mode. Maka was so stupid, she didn't want to block the black sword with Soul. Soul had to change back to human body to protect her. That's even worse. I wonder if Black Blood will be killed next episode.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nabari No Ou-Episode 7-The Heart's decision

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New clan president introduced. Their Kinjutsu is to read people's minds. Apparently it eats away the life of the user as well. I wonder what's her real intention.

I just love kitties. Miharu just won't tell Kumohira sensei what happened to his abduction.

After the president of the mind reading clan commissioned the Banten village ninjas to kill the evil CEO of the largest corporation, she pulled out her cellphone with this little girl's picture in it. I wonder if this little girl is dead or is sick because of the evil CEO.

Raimei received info from Fumma village that they found out something about her brother. She wants to go of course, but Miharu tried to make her feel guilty by saying he might die if she leaves, but her happiness if his happiness so she should go without regrets.

Miharu saw Yoite. When Kumohira warn him not to get too far behind, Miharu immediately said he's contemplating how to get Kumohira on the train when going back home. It made Kumohira sweat just by thinking about it.

Yoite and Yukimi is suppose to protect the evil CEO who sold weapons and test on people in 3rd world countries. They didn't get the respect they deserved. Surprisingly, Yoite didn't try to kill anyone from this insult. Maybe he's trying to save up his energy to help Miharu later on.

Kumohira will try to kill the CEO alone, I just don't think he has the skills to go against Yoite and Yukimi, but since Yoite will help Miharu in obtaining the scrolls, he might let the CEO die purposely.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Macross Frontier-Episode 7-First Attack

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Her mic looks like a whistle, and just why is she still using a mic, they're suppose to be advanced in technology.

That's a lot of cannons.

If I was wearing that, my mom would say, "you have to wear an inside skirt, your butt is showing."

Sheryl's song is coming through to Alto from her earring, how sweat :P

Macross quarter coming to save the day. Who's that red suit? It was flying very fast. It could of killed Skull 3 and 4 but it didn't.

Macross getting maximum power ready. The letters says: "Heavy Atom Reaction Cannon"

It does look powerful. That's alien technology for you.

The guy in the red armour suit. He seems to hear Ranka and Sheryl's voice from the earring as well. He was playing the song Ranka sang, maybe they're related somehow. Don't really know if he's on the good side or the bad side.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 6-The rumored new student

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Stein wouldn't even let an endangered species go without dissecting it. Glad he was distracted by the fight.

Black Star and Soul just can't fight together, not on the same wavelength at all. Black Star can't even lift Soul in the weapon form.

They had to part ways, just like a soap opera, funny stuff. This segment is better to watch in motion.

Kid preparing to resonate with his twin guns.

I like how the smoke from the canon has skull images.

Black star and Soul are fine, but Kid is spitting out blood in symmetry, just because his hair is cut which made him lose his symmetry.

Such cute souls, the twins and Kid. Maka wonders why Shinigama doesn't have a soul.

I probably don't need to point out who's soul that is.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soul Eater-Episode 5-The shape of the Soul

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Dr. Stein, always trying to roll with his chair out the door, but always get tripped by the door frame. Such smart and silly character at the same time.

I don't know what was used on Sid, but it's certainly funny. Sounds like they're selling a product.

Stein's soul is so big, but the screw is even bigger. LOL. Hmmm. I wonder if the screw is keeping his soul big or keeping his soul small.

First successful resonance between Maka and Soul......NOT. Stein shattered the extended scythe into pieces.

Soul Eater-Episode 4-Invoking Witch Hunting

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Soul, Maka and Blair in the same room, someone is getting the wrong impression.

Soul's soul resonating with Maka's soul, which means a loud bang-failure.

Powerful nevertheless, needs some tweaking, almost killing Black Star.

2nd thing Black Star successfully done. I guess this is getting back at what Maka and soul did. No harm done. Now, to search for the person that turned teacher Sid into a zombie.

Soul Eater-Episode 3-The Boy of Perfection

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Now we're introduced to Shinigami's son who loves perfect symmetry and is very annal about it.

Kid ditched the twin gun sisters just because he thinks a picture frame is not symmetrical. Cute mummies.

Kid hates non-symmetrical monsters. Now he's willing to kill it.

Powerful Kid, but he damaged the pyramid afterward so his father confiscated all the souls he collected.

Soul Eater-Episode 2-I am the Star

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This Black Star, he can never get his ninja ways correct. He's suppose to conceal his presence to assassinate people. I guess he's too much of a performer to conceal himself to public.

He finally got serious and tricked the witch bodyguard. Nice action.

Such a cute little witch, not really grown up yet. You can probably guess what will happen. With 99 souls and a witch, Black Star let her go and delivered the 99 souls back to Shinigami. It's kind of expected since it's only the beginning of the anime.

Soul Eater-Episode 1-The resonance of souls

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I like how she wields a big scythe, very cool for a woman.

Do they always have to show big breasted woman and nosebleed guys?

The moon and sun is quit interesting, they're both alive.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nabari no Ou-Choice-Episode 6

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Yoite had a heart-to-heart conversation with Miharu, threatening him. Yoite is powerful, but he is really draining his life force. He wish he was never born, because no one cares for him and he doesn't have anyone to care for. Miharu is forced to grant Yoite's wish to be unborned, if it's at all possible, so Miharu's friends won't die because of him. Yoite then dispelled himself from Miharu so he can see again. Thobari is so worried about Miharu, thinking he'll never come back from the abduction that he is overjoyed with tears when Miharu came back.

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