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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nabari No Ou-The awakened one-episode 1

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First scene shows a small kid named Miharu on the back of another young man running away from a bunch of ninjas. Miharu gets scarred and running words started to show on his face. There is a huge light column appeared right on top of Miharu, then we hear a woman’s voice telling Miharu to forget.Miharu then turned to a older student.

Yamase is Rokujo Miharu’s substitute teacher. After class Aizawa Kouichi tried to get his attention, but he left quickly and pretend he doesn’t remember his name. Kumohira sensei popped out from upstairs, almost tripping himself, wanted Miharu to join the martial art club as well. Miharu again slipped away when the other 2 were talking.

Yamase Sensei is following Aizawa for some reason.

Kumohira sensei visits Miharu at the restaurant his uncle and aunt own.

Miharu threw spetulas at him, then try to look innocent. Kumohira told him to watch out for people looking for him, but Miharu made a joke that Kumohira is saying he is interested in Miharu.

Kumohira explains there are still ninjas living in the world, but hiding their ninja ways to normal people. Miharu wanted prof that Kumohira is a ninja, but when Kumohira tries to explain, Miharu just sarcastically agreed that Kumohira is a ninja. Kumohira is mad at Miharu for not worring about his life because it’s in serious danger.

Miharu’s aunt wants him to buy some dry food supplies. Kumohira tries to stop him. Miharu playfully pretend that he’s hurting with a girly voice. Kumohira was shocked and withdrew his hand.

Miharu feels someone is watching him or he is watching someone. A voice is telling him to awaken and is leading him to a shrine. He saw Kouichi and Yamase sensei together. Yamase tries to kill him after Kouichi told him to run away. Miharu has a wind shield that deflected the ninja star.

Kouichi took Miharu and escaped, but not too far from the enemies. They want what’s inside of Miharu, a Hijutsu. Kairoushuu clan will be rulers of Nabari (Nabari No Ou) if they have the Hijutsu. When they were about to capture Miharu, a voice inside Miharu ask him to kill all of them. Kouichi put a knife inside Miharu and tried to seal the Hijutsu with a soul seal spell, but it seems like the words are still running on Miharu’s face and it flows out of the sword. Miharu doesn’t understand why Kouichi is trying to kill him(but he is not). The voice inside Miharu said he can wish for anything and Shinrabanshou(all things in nature) will give it to him. Kumohira rushed to the scene and pulled out the sword from Miharu and put a spell at the same time to stop the Hijutsu. Miharu told the voice that he doesn’t need anything from her.

Miharu seems upset when he woke up and sau Kouichi’s face. Shinrabanshou is a scroll technique which is fused within Miharu’s body and is the strongest. Miharu doesn’t want the Hijutsu, but there is no way to get it out of him. If there was a way, people would of got it out already. Kumohira told Miharu not to give the Hijutsu to anyone and especially not him.

Yamase tries to cut Miharu’s place before bringing him to his clan, but Kumohira pushed him flying then to the ground. Yamase’s face seems to be hurt. Kumohira declared that he will not let the Kairoushuu clan have Miharu. Kumohira is a ninja of the Banten clan. He wants Miharu to be the ruler of the ninja world and put an end to the conflicts, in the mean time, he’ll pledge his leagence to Miharu.

Miharu again walks away and tries to go back to his normal life.

Next day, Kumohira becomes Miharu’s new substitute teacher.Miharu runs away before Kumohira give him the sign up form to join the ninja association in the school. Kairoushuu’s leader who is also a politician, finally knows who the Hijutsu bearer is and will claim world domination.

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