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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nabari No Ou-The Assault-episode 3

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Kairoushuu has sent 5 jounins (highest ranking) ninjas to take down the mist technique of the Fuuma village and tried to steal the Kinjutsu from the village. They killed most of Fuuma ninjas who won't give out the location of the scroll.

They even sent a kira user, apparently really high class ninja, so they can succeed without problem. The kinjutsu is needed to unlock Miharu's power. The leader of the assault team, Yukimi, used a gun to take the scroll away from a kid. The kid doesn't like him using a guy, but he doesn't care as long as he get what he wants.

Miharu and the group came to the rescue. While Yukimi was distracted, the kid took the Fuuma scroll from him again and ran away. Yoite, the kira user, was called by Yukimi to track down the scroll. Yoite is a ruthless killer who shoots his life force into other people's body and kills them from inside.

Kumohira Sensei took the whole party and escaped, but Yoite wouldn't let them leave. Kumohira will stay and fight Yoite while the rest escape. Raimei wanted to take her sword out, but Miharu and a better plan. He used his face to distract Yukimi. Now I'm going to call his "technique" moe no jitsu. Yukimi took out his gun, but wasn't in time to shoot.

Raimei saw other ninjas coming and killed 2. Yukimi was impressed with her skills and mentioned there is another woman ninja on his side as well, but wouldn't tell Raimei who she is. Yukimi didn't feel like doing extra working, so he told Yoite to leave as he is leaving himself.

Yoite is still fighting with Kumohira. Yoite took countrol of Kumohira and ripped his chest. Rouichi shot a ninjas star at Yoite. Yoite broke Rouichi's arm. Miharu tries to damage Yoite , but that didn't work. Yoite hurt his eye instead.

Kumohira is back to fighting with Yoite. Miharu bagged Yoite to let others go and said it's not related to other people. Kumohira disagrees. Just when Kumohira couldn't resist Yoite's chi anymore, Fuuma dono shows up. We'll find out what happens next episode.

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