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Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Episode 11-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Ying-Gi finally said it to Shizuku. Shizuku was surely shocked. He said he always treat her as his real daughter, so hopefully Shizuku will still treat him as her father after knowing the truth.

Shun operated on May-Ying's father, but her father's heart keep on stopping. Shun then went out of the operating room to grab May-Ying. He wants her to call out her father's name as loud as possible to make him stay alive. Finally her father has a heartbeat and was saved. May-Ying's father mentioned that he almost went to the other side, but there was this big field of roses with thorns that prevented him from going on, so the only thing he can do is go back.

Shizuku's grandfather wants to return her to Ying-Gi, but Ying-Gi said it's okay, he can keep the child because he would her up to be a fine woman just like her mother.

Although the hospital head really hate Shun, but he still wrote him a reference letter so Shun can go study masters. Shun went to Shizuku's school to see her, but left right away.

Ying-Gi went to the airport to see Shun off. Shun really wants to be the best and be on top of everyone else. Ying-Gi said he will wait for him to come back, and at that time he will tell Shizuku who's her real father. Ying-Gi gave Shun a VCD claiming that it's Harry Potter's newest video that will make Shun cry.

May-Ying and the school teacher went to eat together. They seems to be good friends now, talking about there is no good guys out there and that they have being sexually harassed at work place.

Turns out Ying-Gi borrowed money from Shun to re-open the flower shop. Naue really don't think he should borrow money from a heartless guy like Shun. Ying-Gi figures the money will be an excuse for Shun to come back to Japan.

Ying-Gi and Shizuku saw each other for the first time after he revealed the truth about their relationship to Shizuku. They played for the whole day, while that's happening, May-Ying and her father left the hospital and head for the country side. May-Ying only wrote a letter to Ying-Gi to say goodbye. May-Ying finally understand that only Ying-Gi knows what's real happiness.

Ying-Gi now sells roses in his flower shop. Coffee shop owner ask Ying-Gi how long will he be fooled by May-Ying. May-Ying grows roses and sells them to Ying-Gi and they also send each other e-mails about the flowers daily.

When Ying-Gi spilled a bucket of water, he was reminded how he and May-Ying played hide and seek. They will always find each other because they'll meet where they started. Ying-Gi ask Naue about May-Ying's last name. Her last name is her mother's last name, not her fathers. Now Ying-Gi suddenly realize May-Ying is the one who's selling roses to him all this time. Seems like the grandmother knows it all along, but wouldn't give Ying-Gi any hint.

Ying-Gi and Shizuku went to visit May-Ying. Ying-Gi said "I love You" to May-Ying again and again. Ying-Gi said "You're smile is like a flower, I love you're smile, you're the only flower and today I'm going to plug this flower away"

May-Ying came back to tokyo with Ying-Gi, so grandmother will go to the country side to take care of the roses instead. Everybody celebrated Ying-Gi's birthday with him. He felt very touched and couldn't resist to cry. Shizuku's teacher seems to like the coffee shop owner now. Naue will continue his studies and become a doctor.

Another rainy day, May-Ying ask a student if he wants to borrow an umbrella. Ying-Gi noticed the kid brought a rose. Ying-Gi tells Showu that doesn't matter how he's feeling right now, his life will still be wonderful.

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