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Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode 9-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

Video Stream with Chinese Subtitle: 9A 9B 9C

The coffee shop owner disappeared for days after he went to the loan sharks to try get Yin-Gi's money back. Yu's teacher was worried and ask for Ying-Gi for help. They met May-Ying and Shun came back home together from hospital discussing there is only 50% that May-Ying's father would survive the surgery. May-Ying really dislikes Shun after he ask if he can go out with her. After coming home May-Ying realized that Ying-Gi and Shun are good friends from childhood and they are both "no name warrior"

Shizuku (previously translated as Yu) looks so nice with her little dresses now. She went outside to get something, but wouldn't let the maid see what she's doing. The maid called her little mistress, Shizuku doesn't like it at all. She went to Ying-Gi's work place to eat chicken legs with him.

The coffee shop owner finally showed up with the money and a transvestite named "Candy" She has contacts in the Yakusa and in return the coffee shop owner needs to go out with her for a few days. Shizuku's school teacher really was worried about the coffee shop owner.

Naue showed up at the school teacher's house telling her that Shizuku's father is not Ying-Gi. He wants to find out who in fact is Shuzuku's real father. He would take the money offered by the hospital head either since he feels really sorry for his "aniki" (brother Ying-Gi).

May-Ying wants to explain to Ying-Gi herself why she lied to her and why she's still around. Shun in the middle of the conversation called Ying-Gi out. From the next scene we found out that Shun is the father of Shizuku. He wanted Liuli (Shizuku's mother) is abort the child and asked Ying-Gi to tell her that, but Ying-Gi never told Liuli that Shun dumped her and wishing she abort the child. So in the end, Liuli died from childbirth and Ying-Gi thinks it's all his fault for letting Liuli died. If he told her about Shun, maybe she won't have the baby and maybe she won't die. Shun realized that May-Ying heard their conversation, so he wants her to keep that secret from the hospital head so he can still advance in his career.

May-Ying will live at the hospital until her father finishes his surgery. She will consider her relationship with Ying-Gi ended. Ying-Gi didn't ask her to stay although he looked like he really wanted to say something.

Naue and the school teacher went to Liuli's high school friend to ask about her boyfriend back then. They finally found out that it's Kamiama Shun. Little does the hospital head know, Shun, who just left his house is the murderer of his daughter. Shizuku was walking home when she saw her biological father in the car. Shun didn't notice her at all, but he seems to be in a bad mood for some reason and wouldn't drink alcohol at all.

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