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Monday, April 7, 2008

Episode 8-The flower shop without roses-Bara no nai Hanaya

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Yu lock herself and some other classmates in the classroom and demand her father to come otherwise they won't let anybody else in. The students want the father to guess who is Yu when everyone wears the mask that Yu made. Her father pick out the unlikely ones but he said Yu wasn't in the group at all. The truth shows that Yu was actually hiding behind a curtain. Since Ying-Gi knows Yu so well, Yu obeys Ying-Gi's wish to have her live at her grandfather's house.

After discovering Ying-Gi is not Yu's father, she went to grandma to tell her about it, she doesn't know what to do now. They figured that's why Ying-Gi would fight for the guardianship of the child, because Yu would know he is not her biological father.

Naue came to May-Ying apologizing, but he already paid off the loan sharks. When he went to the washroom, May-Ying blocked him inside the bathroom and called the teacher and the coffee shop owner to catch him and claim she's called the police.

Someone unknown called Ying-Gi's cellphone and was surprised that he didn't change his number. At first Ying-Gi didn't recognize the voice, but he seemed to know who it was at the end of the conversation.

The hospital head allowed May-Ying's father to take a short leave before the big operation so there won't be any regrets. Naue told May-Ying that the hospital head's hand is shaky, he couldn't possibly operate on one's brain.

There is a new doctor who's name is Kamiama Shun, he will be operating on May-Ying's father's brain.

After every last flower was sold, May-Ying asked Ying-Gi where will he move to? He doesn't know, so May-Ying told Ying-Gi that he can move in with her for the time being.

The hospital head showed Yu to his wife and plead her to come back in his life, but she said it was too loate. She has being going out with the lawyer that took care of Yu's case.

May-Ying showed the hospital head that Ying-Gi is not the one that was responsible for his daughter's death. They don't know who's Yu's real father. Maybe Ying-Gi knows and has being searching for him too for revenge.

Ying-Gi meet up with the unknown guy that called him. They met on the Tokyo tower and claimed they're both no name warriors and can only believe themselves and no one else. For a moment I thought Ying-Gi was going to put a knife into Kamiama Shun's body, but it seems they were old friends.

Story is getting interesting.

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